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SketchUp 8 Upgrades & Features

Google-SketchUp-8Did you realize that SketchUp has been around for some four years? Time really flies, and over the years we’ve noticed that the number of user-generated 3D buildings springing up in Google-Earth has increased dramatically, so it’s about high time a new version of this program came out which is geared toward the production of Google Earth-ready models. Google has obviously noticed that this is a popular pastime among SketchUp fans.

Full details of the new features can be found at theSketchUp website, but we’ve put together a list of some of the new features you’ll definitely want to know about:
  • SketchUp 8 is a more powerful version geared specifically for building models for Google Earth.
  • The earth imagery collection has been beefed up to include even more aerial, oblique, and street view photos, all with very high detail.
  • More geometric detail in terrain imagery.
  • Google Building Maker allows for the import and improvement of models.
  • A community of geo-modelers allows for collaboration.
  • “Solid” tools now available for general additive/subtractive modeling operations.
  • “Outer Shell” allows for quick simplification of complex models.
  • LayOut allows for professional documentation of models.
  • Custom line styles now available.
  • Dimensioning and annotation tools available.
  • Native export to DWG/DXF 2010 format.
If you haven’t already downloaded the new version or upgraded to version 8, what are you waiting for?

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