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SketchUp™ plug-in

Integrated quick effective feedback on low-energy design metricsThe IESVE plug-in for Google SketchUp enables the direct translation of models for performance analysis within any of our tools: VE-Ware, VE-Toolkits VE-Gaia and VE-Pro. 

Energy, Carbon, Daylight, Solar, LEED analysis and much more...Use your choice of IESVE tool to achieve energy-efficient building design, reduced CO2emissions, and better utilisation of low-carbon technologies and renewable energy. Explore the rest of our software section to investigate the wide range of performance metrics we cover.
Need Early Stage Indicative Feedback?Our VE-Toolkits are designed specifically for use with the plug-in, and are intended for very early stage indicative feedback, when time is short and answers need to be rapid. They enable you and your team to take action right from concept iterations, at the press of a few buttons.
Latest Updates (V3)This latest version strengthens interoperability and incorporates ‘Groups and Components’ functionality for both the Free and Pro SketchUp platforms and specific ‘Thick Wall’ features for SketchUp Pro users. Take a look at the video guide below - find more in our 'Video Guides'.

Don’t rebuild your model, translate it...
The plug-in offers SketchUp users a range of model building tools designed to make creating 'best practice' geometry for performance analysis effortless. It also allows you to quickly assign important required data; such as location, building, room, construction and HVAC type.
Compatible with both SketchUp Free and ProIt works with both the Free and Pro versions of SketchUp 6 and 7, and can be used for new build, refurbishment projects and in-use evaluation.

Continue your IESVE analysis outside of SketchUp
You can progress your design as informed by IES performance analysis within the IESVE platform, or from other CAD/BIM applications using our Revit plug-in and strong gbXML connectivity to ArchiCAD.

SketchUp 8?We’re currently tweaking our plugin to be fully compatible with the very recently released version of SketchUp. It’s coming soon…

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