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House Builder Google SketchUp Plugin

The House Builder plugin created by Steve Hurlbut and D. Bur on the Ruby Library Depot is a very efficient tool to create a home wood frame construction processes with studs and joists. The plugin allows you to create doors, windows and even roof pitches automatically.
If you are an architect, builder, general contractor or in the construction world this plugin is a necessity. It creates the frame work based off of user inputted lumber sizes, heights, justification, spacing and may other important defining measurements. If you are working on a 4D (construction time-line based animation) this plugin simply is a must.
This tool has no real drawback other than making custom doors and windows would have to be done manually. But the standard door and window shapes are available and can be used with almost any sizes needed. The great part of the Home Builder plugin is that it also lets you move or change properties to doors and windows. In addition to the Standard (US standard measurement tool) there is also a metric version of this plugin.
In future versions of the House Builder, it would be beneficial to have unpainted drywall placement part of the plugin. And even including the use of concrete cinder blocks and columns.
Overall, the House Builder plugin created by Steve Hurlbut and D. Bur is an essential plugin for anyone in the construction field. At the time of this review we used the House Builder plugin and the extension to the house builder plugin. This plugin is free and is available at The Ruby Library Depot. I give this plugin 5 out 5 stars!
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