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Phlatscript Google SketchUp Plugin

The Phlatscript plugin created by Mark and Trish Carew of Phlatboyz, LLC is a plugin allowing you to turn SketchUp models into a real life physical model. The plugin converts the SketchUp project into gcode to be produced in a cnc (computer numerical control) plotter. It allows you to create inside and outside cuts, tabs, folds and more. We do not have much experience in CNC plotting but from what we can see, if you have one of these printers than this plugin works really well.
The great part about this plugin is the support community that comes along with. Phlatscript also has a forum called the Phlat Forum. Listed are many details on how to use the plugin and what’s new within the community. It has some amazing ready to print files to create your own models!
Overall, the Phlatscript plugin created by Mark and Trish Carew is a great tool for airplane hobbyists and model developers. 

Download here


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