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Maxwell for SketchUp 2013

The Maxwell Render team at Next Limit is now offering the long awaited Maxwell for SketchUp 2013 plug-ins.

The new plug-in releases are for both the Maxwell Render Suite and Maxwell for SketchUp packages, and are free of charge to all customers and users.

The plug-in has been completely re-written so that it is 100 percent compatible with SketchUp 2013, however most of the changes have taken place on the inside so users should find that it works in exactly the same easy and robust way as before.

The release features:

Added support for SketchUp 2013
The Maxwell for SketchUp standalone plug-in is now distributed as an RBZ file
The plug-in user interface no longer requires Silverlight
The color picker now has both RGB and HSV modes
Added support for setting per-channel output formats
The Environment page now works more like Maxwell Studio

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