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Metalwork Design Tools

DrawMetal™ provides plugins (extensions) for Google SketchUp® that draw a variety of spirals, curves and tapered shapes (tapered extrusions).

Curved tapered shapes are typical in architectural and ornamental metalwork, and for that application, the plugins also calculate the amount of stock (raw material) required to fabricate the tapers.

The plugins are available free of charge.

Curve Maker

Draws a variety of spirals and common curves interactively, from specified dimensions or by specifying values for mathematical parameters.  (No need to know any mathematical formulas.)  The figure below shows a Bernoulli spiral created from the two specified dimensions.

Taper Maker

Draws a taper (a tapered extrusion) along a path (line) specified by the user. Taper cross-sections can be round, square, rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal. Tapers can be centered on the path or can be drawn to the left, right, above or below the path.

Stock Maker

Estimates how much stock is required to fabricate a taper.  In the example below, Stock Maker determines that approximately 9 5/16" of 1" square stock is sufficient to draw this 30" taper.

Stock Maker also accumulates requirements across multiple tapers and estimates the total finished weight and stock cost.

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