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Interesting plugins for sketchup from sketchyphysics

Jim has released Find Shadow Window which resets the Shadow dialogue box when it decides to vanish off screen. A real handy Plugin to have for those who move their windows around the workspace. Currently it’s PC only.

Jim says…
For those, like me, whose Shadow Window seems to go missing from time to time. This is a Windows-only utility that will find and move the Shadow Window (if it exists) to the visible area of the screen. It is activated from the Window menu > Find Shadow Window.
Jim has also made a tweak to the DrawHelix Plugin.
Jim says…
This is a enhanced version of Peter Brown’s DrawHelix13 script.
Main improvements are:
* Input box now uses the current model units.
* Previous values are saved between each use.
SketchyPhysics v3.2 by CPhillips made an appearance this week with some new features and bug fixes.
  • Updated version to 3.2
  • Added midi note support.
  • Wacov’s hud code. script commands draw,draw2d,draw3d and view accessor.
  • New user events system. Script commands “on” and “signal”
  • Added script command setSoundPosition(sound,position). Allows 3d audio when called once per tick.
  • New script command setFrameRate overrides physics settings framerate.
  • controllerValue now works with motors and gyros
You can get it here!
Sahi returned with an amazing Jpg_Gif Plugin that can place animated .gif images into your SketchUp model. You can see a video of it in action here.
Finally Bomastudio, a new member from Italy, has released TECLA 0.1. It adds new tools for inserting walls, floor, columns, like in ArchiCAD, AllPlan etc. It’s free. And it’s in beta stage, so Bomastudio is looking for feedback!

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