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SketchUp Plugins: Extruding and Offsettin Curved Faces

The new sketchup plugin! Extruding and Offsettin Curved Faces!
The Joint Push Pull plugin created by Fredo on is a useful tool to use the push pull command on curved surfaces. There are times that you need to do this and the original tool provided by SketchUp will not work on surfaces if they have even a slight curve to them. Joint Push Pull solves this dilemma.

Using the tool is simple, first make sure to download the newest version from called “JointPushPull – 25 Aug” and place the files in the plugin folder as normal. Once you have the file installed using it in SketchUp is simple. It comes with 3 different tools. First is, Joint Push Pull, this allows you to extrude the curve following the shape of the curve. Though, if the curve is to complex the extrusion will intersect itself. Vector Push Pull is the next tool, and this allows you to move the surface or entire object in a certain position. This is best understood once using the tool. The last tool is Normal Push Pull, which pulls the surface normal to the curve but only by segment. Controlling the amount of surfaces to be extruded depends on the amount of segments in that model. And the tool also comes with undo and redo buttons that can come in handy.

Overall, the Joint Push Pull plugin created by Fredo is an essential tool and really helps you to effectively model in SketchUp. At the time of this review this plugin is free and is available at

And the possibility to add the parameters window pop up on will by pressing Tab while running the Plugin.

 The New release, you can download here (you need to be logged in to be able to download it).

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  1. Lucas says:

    This is pretty sweet. I have a friend who sort of does the same thing in bim management. It's and architecture program, but he really enjoys it. Nice work by the way.

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