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RPS RpReports

RpReports is a plug-in for SketchUp which lets you create your own applications with customized attributes, predefined attributes for components, and reports.
  • Define attributes for your application, such as manufacturer, part number, description, building, floor, and price. Some of these attributes are fixed for each component definition, and some can be set for each component instance.
  • Create a library of components for the users of the application to place.
  • Define the base and default attributes for each component.
  • Specify totals and sub-totals and other report customization.
This plug-in was created by Render plus System. The SketchUp model that you see on your screen is what will be rendered – with the same view, colors, materials, etc. You can render at the SketchUp image size, or at any other image size desired.
Visit RpReports to learn more and get the plugin.
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