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SketchUp Engineering ToolBox!

Online SketchUp Engineering ToolBox!

Add standard and customized parametric components - like flange beams, lumbers, piping and more - to your Google SketchUp model by

It's FREE and
it's FUN!

Download SketchUp

Download the amazing FREE Google SketchUp here!

How to add the Engineering ToolBox to your Google SketchUp

to your Google SketchUp plugins directory.
("Right Click" the link above and select "Save As")

Exit and reload SketchUp!

Select the "Plugin" menu and the "Engineering ToolBox" submenu.

A page like this one opens - and you are running!!
Note! The SketchUp plugins directory is located somewhere similar to"c:\Program files\Google\Google SketchUp 7\Plugins" (Windows)
"Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Google SketchUp 7 > SketchUp > plugins"
(Mac users look here!)

How to use the Engineering ToolBox

After loading Sketchup and the Engineering ToolBox from the menu - navigate to the wanted component in the navigation menu above - and select "insert" to add the wanted component to your SketchUp model.
Note! The SketchUp Engineering Toolbox is an online resource updated continuously. You need an internet connection to operate.
For some components parameters like length, color, offset and more can be modified before insertion.
Customized components can be inserted by changing parameters in the dialog boxes at the end of the component lists - and clicking "custom!"
Selected objects in the model can be manipulated - rotated, moved, colors changed and more - from the Toolssection.
Assistant objects like lines, horizontal and vertical planes can be added.

Some Tips and Tricks

The most efficient way to learn SketchUp is by watching the tutorial videos.
Organize your model in groups - add components to the groups!
Example: Use separate groups for construction steel, piping, the different HVAC systems and more.
Allways keep an eye on the model in the "Outliner" window.
Use layers to organize and control the visibility of the model.
The most convenient way to copy an object is by selecting it, using move or (m) and pressing Ctrl (makes a copy) before moving.
Precise moving of a object can be done by selecting a point in the object that can be connected to a point in the new position (like a edge on a component, surface, a midpoint or similar).

Mac User?

There is a problem with the former Sketchup 6 - Ruby - Safari implementation on Mac computers.
Latest Sketchup 7 is tested and works fine!
Some minor problems - like components and color options - randomly exists on Mac's.

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