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Virtualwind® is an advanced 3D wind flow modeling and visualization software solution. It empowers building architects, landscape architects, engineers, builders, climatologists, educators and students to quickly predict, understand and convey complex wind flow phenomena in urban, suburban and rural environments. Virtualwind is ideal for sustainable building design considerations (siting analysis, green roofs, living roofs, pedestrian-level wind, alternative transportation, natural ventilation, solar panel placement, heat loads, and more) and for optimal placement of wind turbines.
Key features include:
  • Import Building models from Google 3D Warehouse and Terrain models from Google Earth for use in Virtualwind simulations
  • Single-click export of SketchUp models into Virtualwind
  • Single-click launch of Virtualwind from SketchUp
  • Tools for creating, correcting and separating geometry
  • Pro version parallelized for optimal performance on multi-core computers

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